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Our years of experience and our expertise in the field of cleaning technology helped us to develop a completely new cleaning method for diesel particulate filters. We were able to raise the quality of the cleaning process by adjusting every process step and are now capable to raise the filter capacity back to 95% of the native value. Another important aspects of the new cleaning process are the reduced costs and a considerable time saving.

Our customers experience us as a reliable partner in a fast moving, and future-oriented time. Because of this we are successfully working for our customers all over Europe.

Our efficient logistics and our qualified team supports you with the disassembly and cleaning all the way to the assembly. With the help of our certified and professional in-house vehicle workshop, we are able to offer you a wide range of motor vehicle specific services in our business headquarters.


Fast, Clean & Certified

In order to continually improve our efficiency, we are constantly in motion. For example, the testing service diondo GmbH helps us to carry out regular tests of purified DPF, DOC and SCR, that allows us to improve the quality of our work steadily. At the same time our quality of work is becoming transparent to you as a customer. The objective material tests grant you transparency of our services and serve simultaneously as a basis for the ongoing optimization of our cleaning results. A solid database is the basis of correct decisions in product development. This database generated by laser scanning and computer tomography.

Why Advanpure?

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Cleaning Time 1-2 Hours, 24H Express 6-8 Hours
Filter Modifications No filter modifications, Filter remains in original condition Filter is opened and rewelded, Operating permit expires
Cleaning Process Monitored, Exhaust gas flow and temperature are adapted to filter material, no intermediate cleaning necessary; Filter goes through the cleaning process only once Uncontrolled, heavy load on the filter core and thus possible late effects; Cleaning process must be repeated several times
Filter Types Cleaning of all filter types and sizes; of cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, construction machinery, bus, vans, stationary equipment (power plants) Limited cleaning, predominant for cars, cleaning systems are not suited for large filters of commercial vehicles
Partner/Know-How Partnership with market-leading filter manufacturer / Knowledge Exchange No partnership, Knowledge of the latest filter technology has to be developed
Service Network Germany-wide partner network of specialist workshops for removal and installation as well as dispatch, over 200 partners Nonexistent or fragmented partner network, Customer must take care of shipping, removal and installation,
Cleaning verification, Warranty Self-developed management database, recording of all filter and cleaning data, control instrument for the complete cleaning process, permanently available cleaning values and history, test protocol Partly only cleaning protocol, no database for history or cleaning values
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