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Advanpure GMBH starts trade

May 12, 2015 - Expansion of the area of operations and cooperation with new partners The Advanpure GmbH which has been working in recent years solely with the development of Read More...

ZENIT GmbH unterstützt Advanpure bei der Identifizierung und Umsetzung von Ideen

July 2, 2014 - Am 23.06.2014 war die ZENIT GmbH vertreten durch Herrn Nolden (Projektleiter Technik) zu Gast bei Advanpure. Im Rahmen einer Unternehmenspräsentation stellte die Advanpure GmbH ihre Read More...

DPF Cleaning

The cleaning technology developed by Advanpure is based on a simple principle: The cleaning process is done in a closed circuit without the so-called "cutting" (opening the filter to clean the inner parts). The advantage of this procedure is that no harmful substances are released to the environment. After running through the process chain a single time, the filter systems undergo a quality check and are send back to the customer including a test report.

Advanpure Cleaning Process

With well thought out and coordinated processes the new cleaning technology is able to restore the filter to a nearly new condition. Because of the high degree of cleaning and extensive quality checks Advanpure is able to guarantee the adherence of service intervals.

Advanpure Cleaning Process

Cleaned Systems

  • Regular DPF
    (EURO IV/V/VI)
  • Retrofit DPF
  • Construction Machinery
  • BTTP
  • Other

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