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Diesel driving license

DPF Cleaning

  • 24H - Express Service
  • incl. Pick up & Return
  • 12 Month warranty
  • Europe-wide partner network
  • Cleaning at a fixed price
  • incl. testing protocol
  • ISO 9001 certified

We are cleaning all Passenger Car filters !!! "without cutting"

Fast — Clean — Inexpensive

The Advanpure GmbH will prove that there is a completely new, highly efficient cleaning concept behind these words.

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*Valid until 30.11.2018 **Valid until 31.12.2018
Initiative: Diesel Driving License

Sie sind Dieselfahrer und haben die Nase voll von falschen Versprechen von Politik und Automobilindustrie? Setzen Sie jetzt ein Zeichen und unterstützen Sie unsere Initiative "Dieselfahrerlaubnis" auf Facebook.

Was müssen Sie dafür tun? Einfach auf unserer Seite "Dieselfahrerlaubnis" ein "gefällt mir" da lassen.

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Diesel Promotion

As part of our diesel driving license initiative, we have prepared the following promotion package for you.

  • 10% discount on every DPF cleaning * (private persons)
  • Every 6th DPF cleaning for cars free of charge ** (commercial)
  • 25% discount on every 6th DPF & SCR cleaning for commercial vehicles ** (commercial)
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Partner Network

Our on-site Service

Do you need assistance with the installation and removal of your particle filter? No problem.

Our Europe-wide partner network is available at all times and helps you with the complete cleaning procedure, from demounting through shipping to the installation into your vehicle.

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Apr 1, 2018 9:36
Advanpure expands to Poland

Following the successful foundation of ADVANPURE CZ-SK S.R.O in October 2016, another 100% subsidiary, ADVANPURE PL, will be added in April 2018. Advanpure GmbH now... Read more »

Nov 23, 2017 9:43
Training and seminars

In order to make it easy for our customers to start using the new ADVANPURE GmbH products, we offer a comprehensive training program. Our seminars... Read more »

Our quality guarantee

The Advanpure QM-Database

From now on, the entire workflow from order entry through cleaning, to the automated capture of measurement data to the final sending of the cleaned filter, will be recorded in our QM database.


All workflow steps are now forwarded electronically to the corresponding department without any detours, enabling seamless interaction between the cleaning team, service and accounting without error-prone and time-consuming paper-work.

Quality management

In addition to our existing quality assurance procedures, such as visual inspection and test protocols, all work steps are now subjected to plausibility checks in order to reduce human error to a minimum.


Each step is recorded in our database. This not only makes it possible for us to handle guarantee and warranty cases more efficiently, we can also give you information about your cleaning orders for years to come.

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Diesel particulate filter Cleaning

The clean process of Advanpure

Advanpure GmbH has developed a thermodynamic cleaning process that makes particulate filter cleaning effective and cost-effective. The system ensures:

Long-term functionality:Continuous monitoring of the entire cleaning process ensures consistently high quality cleaning results. The filter is always in almost new condition.

No damage to the filter: In the cleaning process itself, the temperatures and pressures are continuously monitored, controlled and stored in a specially developed database program. By monitoring temperatures and pressures during the entire cleaning process, we can avoid damage to the coating of the filter, in contrast to the "all-thermal" process used by other cleaning companies. There is also no "cutting" of the workpiece (filter). This would invalidate the general operating permit (ABE).

Exact verifiability: After an extensive quality inspection, we deliver the filter back to the customer with a subsequently created cleaning protocol.

By evaluating the values for backpressure and temperature history stored in our database as well as weight measurement before and after the diesel particulate filter cleaning, we ensure that all solids are removed.

Compliance with service intervals: Due to the high degree of purification and thorough quality checks, Advanpure guarantees compliance with service intervals. Your filter runs through the process chain only once, which saves both time and costs

In particular, our database support plays a major role here: With our own developed software, the paper-base documentation is a thing of the past and the DPF cleaning runs fast and optimized. Via the integrated information interface, your orders will be processed and documented immediately. So you as a customer are always up to date and will be informed promptly.

Advanpure Group

The Advanpure Group is a leading provider of particle filter cleaning services. The Group offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of services for the purification of exhaust aftertreatment systems as well as high-quality products in the form of cleaning systems.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified