What does a particle filter cleaning cost?

Was kostet eine Partikelfilter Reinigung?

DPF cleaning for cars, trucks or off-road?

Before one can answer how high the costs of a DPF cleaning are, one must first know what kind of particle filter it is and from which area of application (car, truck or construction machine) it comes. The cost of cleaning changes according to the type and application. Additional price factors are the installation and removal and, of course, the delivery or shipping.

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Particle filter cleaning with or without assembly?

The time required for the removal and installation of a particle filter varies depending on the area of application. While the DPF can usually be removed and then refitted without any problems in buses, trucks or construction machinery, it can turn into an odyssey in the passenger car sector. Some DPFs are so difficult to access in the exhaust tract that installation and removal is very time-consuming, whereas in other types of cars removal is child’s play. Furthermore, it should be noted that the installation and removal is often carried out by our partner workshops, which have independent pricing. In any case, you will receive a cost estimate from us.

What types of particle filters are there?

We do not want to go into all types of DPF here, but only consider those that are relevant for cleaning. The cleaning price varies due to size and type.

The manufacturer’s particle filters are available for buses, passenger cars and commercial vehicles, which are necessary to achieve the high EURO standards. In the meantime, there are also strict exhaust gas regulations in the area of construction machinery or rail vehicles, which are fulfilled through the use of diesel particulate filters.

In another application, diesel particulate filters are retrofitted; in these applications, no particulate filter was yet installed at the factory.

DPF Cleaning Costs: Cars & Transporters

The cleaning costs for all types of particulate filters of cars and vans are identical. 

Particle filter cleaning costs passenger car

DPF cleaning for cars & vans costs 299€ incl. VAT, collection and return shipping.

It does not matter whether it is a DPF installed from the factory or a retrofit DPF. DPFs that are delivered before 10:00 can be collected again on the same day. Additional costs may be incurred for installation and removal.

DPF cleaning costs: Buses and trucks

As great as the variety of particle filters for commercial vehicles is, so are the differences in cleaning them. The best way to classify them is according to EURO standards.

Cleaning costs for EURO IV particulate filters

For EURO IV particulate filters, we distinguish between DPFs for light and medium commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles.

Particle filter cleaning costs light commercial vehicles

The cleaning costs for light and medium commercial vehicles such as MAN TGL, Iveco EuroCaro or Mercedes Atego amount to 599€ excl. Collection and return shipment.

Particle filter cleaning costs heavy commercial vehicles

Cleaning costs for heavy commercial vehicles such as MAN TGA or SCANIA R amount to 890€excl. VAT. Collection and return shipment.

Cleaning costs for EURO VI particulate filters

EURO VI particulate filters for buses and trucks are usually so-called filter cartridges, which are only one part of the entire exhaust aftertreatment system.

Particle filter cleaning costs EURO 6


The cleaning of a EURO VI DPF cartridge costs 499€excl. VAT. Collection and return shipping.

Cleaning costs for EURO IV, V & VI SCR systems

Currently, the most complex exhaust gas purification systems are so-called SCR systems. Unlike a pure DPF, nitrogen oxides are also filtered here.

SCR cleaning costs Euro 4, 5 and 6


The cleaning of a EURO IV, V & VI SCR system costs 950€ excl. VAT. Collection and return shipping.


Cleaning costs for DPF retrofit systems

Another type of DPF is the so-called retrofit diesel particulate filter, such as those offered by Baumot or HJS. These DPFs have been retrofitted in vehicles since 2009, so that older vehicles can also meet newer emission limits.

Particle Filter Cleaning Costs Retrofit DPF

The cleaning of a retrofit DPF costs 499€excl. VAT. Collection and return shipment


DPF cleaning costs: Construction and agricultural machinery

In construction and agricultural machinery (e.g. tractors), DPFs are often used as we find them in retrofitting.

Particle filter cleaning costs construction machinery

Accordingly, the cleaning normally costs 499€ excl. VAT. Collection and return shipment. Regardless of whether it is an OEM or retrofit DPF.

DPF cleaning costs: rail vehicles, stationary machines and ships

Unlike cars or trucks, for example, there are no standardised solutions for exhaust gas aftertreatment in the area of rail vehicles, stationary machines, ships and many other applications. In the simplest case, several retrofit DPFs are installed in series, as is the case with construction machinery or trucks. However, individual solutions are often used. The cleaning effort therefore varies depending on the solution.

  • Therefore, it is not possible to name an all-inclusive cleaning price.

We will be happy to make you an individual offer.

Other special cases

In addition to the types of particle filters mentioned here, there are a few special cases which, however, would go beyond the scope of this article and are not relevant for most vehicle owners. If you or your company belong to this group of people, you are welcome to contact our customer service. We are sure that we can also clean your particle filter.

As you can see, the price of a DPF cleaning can vary greatly depending on the application. However, they all have one thing in common: cleaning is significantly cheaper than a new DPF.