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A clean diesel particulate filter in four easy steps
Remove Filter

Remove diesel particulate filter or have it removed by a service partner and then pack it safely.

Comission Cleaning

Order the cleaning and pick-up by telephone or cleaning form.


We pick up your filter, clean it and send it back to you including a cleaning protocol.

Install Filter

Reinstall the cleaned diesel particulate filter or have it installed by a service partner.

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Cleaning process

Fast, Clean & Certified

The cleaning technology developed by Advanpure is based on a simple principle: The cleaning process is done in a closed circuit without the so-called "cutting" (opening the filter to clean the inner parts). The advantage of this procedure is that no harmful substances are released to the environment. After running through the process chain a single time, the filter systems undergo a quality check and are send back to the customer including a test report.

With well thought out and coordinated processes the new cleaning technology is able to restore the filter to a nearly new condition. Because of the high degree of cleaning and extensive quality checks Advanpure is able to guarantee the adherence of service intervals.

You want to know how a cleaning process works?

In our short video we show you the complete process of a DPF cleaning, from the acceptance of the order to the cleaning up to the delivery of the vehicle.

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Cleaning Time 1-2 Hours, 24H Express 6-8 Hours
Filter Modifications No filter modifications, Filter remains in original condition Filter is opened and rewelded, Operating permit expires
Cleaning Process Monitored, Exhaust gas flow and temperature are adapted to filter material, no intermediate cleaning necessary; Filter goes through the cleaning process only once Uncontrolled, heavy load on the filter core and thus possible late effects; Cleaning process must be repeated several times
Filter Types Cleaning of all filter types and sizes; of cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, construction machinery, bus, vans, stationary equipment (power plants) Limited cleaning, predominant for cars, cleaning systems are not suited for large filters of commercial vehicles
Partner/Know-How Partnership with market-leading filter manufacturer / Knowledge Exchange No partnership, Knowledge of the latest filter technology has to be developed
Service Network Germany-wide partner network of specialist workshops for removal and installation as well as dispatch, over 200 partners Nonexistent or fragmented partner network, Customer must take care of shipping, removal and installation,
Cleaning verification, Warranty Self-developed management database, recording of all filter and cleaning data, control instrument for the complete cleaning process, permanently available cleaning values and history, test protocol Partly only cleaning protocol, no database for history or cleaning values
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Rely on our certified cleaning technology, as done by hundreds of other customers, for fastest cleaning times, competitive prices, and customer-focused customer service.

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With our certified cleaning method we are able to clean any particulate filters and SCR systems of all vehicle types and manufacturers. From simple cars to stationary machines.

  • Passenger Cars
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Buses
  • Construction Machinery
  • Stationary Systems
  • Caravans
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Transporters