Advanpure GmbH expands into Diesel Particulate Filter trade business

Expansion of the area of operations and cooperation with new partners

The Advanpure GmbH which has been working in recent years solely with the development of highly efficient cleaning equipment and the cleaning of exhaust aftertreatment systems, is now in close cooperation with the company P & A Auto Parts, as well as the master mechanic garage Car Clinic.

Without additional set-up costs, but with highly synergetic effects, including trade with DPF / SCR exchange systems and accessories, as well as the installation and removal of these systems is offered by the Advanpure GmbH through the close cooperation of these companies in addition to the core business of cleaning. The 15 years of experience in consulting, trade, repair and maintenance of vehicles, as well as the large customer base of both companies will have a positive effect on the further development of ADVANPURE GmbH.

“A great time for our customers”says Mr Piotrowski, “Whether it is the purchase of a new exchange catalysts, the purchase of spare parts, the cleaning of filter systems or the installation and removal as well as professional advice, all by the competent team of Advanpure GmbH offered from now.”