Cleaner & more efficient, AD5000 DPF cleaning machine

Professional DPF cleaning machine for workshop use

Time does not stop at DPF cleaning machines. Our claim is to offer our customers the latest technology at fair prices. The result is the AD5000 cleaning machine.

Not only has the AD5000 has not only become more efficient, but now also comes in a new and stylish look. The base frame is made of high quality stainless steel, and all electrical components have been tested for durability and are designed for commercial use.


With Advanpure cleaning machines, optional accessories and free training, Advanpure offers the leading cleaning technology for particulate filters and catalytic converters for your workshop. With the self developed cleaning machines all kinds of exhaust aftertreatment systems of cars, trucks, buses and construction machines can be cleaned.

The AD5000 is designed for cleaning exhaust aftertreatment systems of passenger cars and vans.

Suitable for example for:

  • Petrol vehicles with petrol particulate filters (OPF)
  • Diesel vehicles with an AdBlue system (SCR)
  • Diesel vehicles with a diesel particulate filter system (DPF)

Cleaning machines for cleaning exhaust aftertreatment systems of trucks, buses and construction machinery can also be found in our portfolio.

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