Advanpure GmbH receives general operating permit for retrofitting 2.0l vehicles of the BMW Group

EURO 6 Hardwarenachrüstung für BMW Fahrzeuge, hier ein BMW X3 (F25)

Advanpure GmbH, a specialist in the field of exhaust gas aftertreatment, has been granted a further General Operating Permit (ABE) for its SCR retrofit systems by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). The general type approval covers retrofit systems for 39 vehicle models of the BMW Group. These include the following 2.0l models: 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, X1 and X3. A complete overview can be found on the KBA website.

NOx reduction by over 90%

A 2.0l BMW X3 (F25) was used for homologation. With the retrofitted SCR system, NOx emissions were reduced by over 90% from 1564 mg/km to 141 mg/km, well below the required limit of 270 mg/km. At the same time, fuel consumption has not increased.

The values mentioned are Real Drive Emssions (RDE) from a PEMS measurement.

No driving bans with Advanpure SCR retrofit system

Vehicles retrofitted Advanpure SCR systems are no longer affected by diesel driving bansand are among the cleanest EURO 5 diesels on the road. The pollutant emissions are below those of many EURO 6 diesels.

Further retrofit systems for Mercedes and Land Rover under development

In addition to the existing systems for hardware retrofitting of BMW vehicles with 2.0l and 3.0l engines, further systems are currently being developed for diesel vehicles from Mercedes and Land Rover. The approval is expected to be granted before the end of the year.