Training center for the cleaning of particulate filters opened

Schulungszentrum für die Reinigung von Partikelfiltern

DPF cleaning machines for cars, trucks, construction machinery and more…

In addition to various services related to exhaust aftertreatment, such as the cleaning of particulate filters, Advanpure GmbH has also been offering interested workshops and fleet owners its own cleaning machines for several years. These self-developed machines are currently in the 3rd generation and are offered in two versions. The AD5000 is suitable for cleaning smaller particulate filters and catalytic converters of cars and vans. The AD7000 cleaning machine, on the other hand, is used for cleaning larger filters and SCR systems of construction machines, trucks, stationary machines, etc. (EURO IV, V, VI, retrofit filters, …).

Free training for each cleaning machine

In the development of the cleaning machines, great emphasis is placed not only on cleaning quality and durability, but also on ease of operation. Nevertheless, there are various things to consider when cleaning a particulate filter. For this reason, customers also receive free training when they purchase a cleaning machine. In future, these will be held in a pleasant atmosphere in our new training rooms on Tiroler Straße in Recklinghausen. For the forgetful participants there is of course also a detailed manual to look up.